All in one modular Platform!

48 Channels 12-G SDI, 12x12 of 8K HDMI, HDBaseT and more coming…

PointyVision has been designed the most advanced modular switching matrix to support multi standards video matrix.


Control Interfaces:
  • 2 ports of 1Gb Ethernet in a dual RJ45 connector
  • Rear Panel High Speed USB (2.0) OTG in microAB USB connector
  • Front Panel High Speed USB (2.0) Host in type A USB connector
  • Bidirectional IR (connected to IR matrix) in Red Terminal Block connector
  • RS232 (connected to UART matrix) in Orange Terminal Block connector
  • Set-To-Factory-Defaults in recessed button
  • Front panel Bi-color LED line for status indication
Matrix Capabilities:
  • Up to 12 independents input and output cards
  • Each card location can function as input, output or bidirectional.
  • Up to 96 pairs of 12.5 Gbps
  • Routing 48 channels of 12G SDI (in or out) from 1x47 to 47x1
  • 12x12 channels of 8K30 4:4:4 and 8K60 4:2:0 HDMI
  • Routing of 13 audio groups of 8 channels each
  • Routing of 14 channels of UART (RS232)
  • Routing of 13 channels of bidirectional IR
  • 13 channels Ethernet switch (12 100BaseT Ethernet + 1Gb Ethernet)
  • 13 channels of CEC switch
  • Synchronized and Asynchronized routing

System HW Capabilities:

  • Can manage different video standard matrix simultaneously (e.g. SDI and HDMI)
  • Hot swap cards replacement
  • Automatic card identification and configuration
  • Monitors for all the system voltages, fans speed, temperature and humidity
  • Internal infrastructure for add on cards control
  • Internal Infrastructure for audio power amplifier
  • Internal Infrastructure for front panel touch display

System SW Capabilities:

  • Automatic input resolution identification and display
  • Routing of single channel
  • Configuration and routing of predefined groups of channels
  • Scheduling routing (single or recurrence)
  • “Last Connected” routing mode option for every output channel
  • “Priority” routing mode option for every output channel
  • 3 types of control privileges (Administrator, Master and Viewer)
  • List of connected users and system control delivery over the web

Firmware and Software:

  • Linux Yocto 3.14 O.S.
  • WebSocket control
  • Supports software and O.S upgrade via Ethernet or DOK
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera
  • On-the-fly cards firmware upgrade


  • SDI - 4 input channels of 12G SDI
  • SDI - 4 output channels of 12G SDI
  • SDI - 4 bidirectional channels of 12G SDI
  • SDI - 4 input channels of 3G SDI
  • SDI - 4 output channels of 3G SDI
  • SDI - 4 bidirectional channels of 3G SDI
  • HDMI - 1 in and 1 out channels of 4K60 4:4:4
  • HDBaseT output board
  • HDBaseT Input board


  • SDI - 12G input and output on fiber optics
  • Cross standard conversion card (SDI to HDMI and vice versa)
  • Video scalers
  • Audio cards
  • 265 4K60 encoding and decoding system
  • And others…


  • 90- 264V AC, 47 - 63Hz, 300W


  • Standard 19" (1U)
  • Dimensions - 440mm x 229mm x 86.5mm (W, D, H)
  • Rack ˝ears˝ - optional
  • Aluminium isolation feet for desktop option